Reflex is a reputation that you can trust, so do Reflex credit card Login so as to have peace of mind while banking your earned cash from Reflex credit card. Luckily, this is a brand with zero fraudulence records and I know you will love to join such a brand. Join others in giving satisfactory feedback whenever a login is conducted.


Know The Portal Features 

Annuity – This is how the Reflex Mastercard annuity works. Annual fees range from $75 to $99 for the first year. Starting in the second year, the annual fee is $99.

Maintenance Monthly Fees – Reflex does not charge monthly fees for the first year. Starting in the second year, there are monthly fees ranging from $0 to $10 per month. Therefore, they cannot charge a monthly fee. As opposed to their previous terms, where a flat monthly fee of $10 was charged. This is good news for candidates.

APR – Another thing Reflex credit card is changing is that they now offer cardholders a variety of APRs, from 24.99% to 29.99% (same as a regular purchase).

Initial Credit Limit – Reflex has an initial credit limit between $300 and $1,000. You may receive an initial credit limit of $300, $500, $750, or $1,000.

Double Your Line Of Credit In Six Months – Your line of credit will double in six months if you pay your first six bills on time. This means that an initial threshold of $300 to $1,000 doubles to $600 to $2,000.

APR And Cash Advance Rate – The Cash Advance APR ranges from 24.99% to 29.99%. The cash advance fee is 5% of the cash advance or $5, whichever is greater. There are some rules to be observed. Firstly, cash advances are NOT allowed for the first 95 days.


Foreign Transaction Fees – Interestingly, Reflex also offers a large number of foreign transaction fees. You get between 0% and 3%. So you can receive a version without transaction fees abroad.

Free TransUnion Vantage 3.0 Score – Cardholders gain access to a free TransUnion Vantage 3.0 score when they sign up for eStatements.