Payment Methods

The Reflex credit card is a special product designed for those with limited to no credit card history. The Reflex credit card also helps bring back those users with bad credit so they have another opportunity to access these types of products.


How To Make A Payment With A Reflex Credit Card?

Fortunately, there are several ways to make a Reflex bank card payment. Check out the option below.


You can make payments online using Online Account Access and Reflex credit card registration provided by Celtic Bank.

Just access the Reflex Credit Card Login and click on “Login”. Your credentials will be asked in a pop-up window – username and password – and click “Login to my account”. In the same window, you can also activate your card when you receive it.

Over The Phone

To pay your Reflex credit card over the phone, whether or not you have an online account, simply dial (1)-800-518-6142. You must have your card handy to enter the information. To proceed with the payment, simply follow the instructions.

By Email

If you wish to pay your Reflex credit card by mail, please send a money order to the following address:

reflex map

DUST. Field 6812

Carol Current, IL 60197-6812


Through Mobile App

Similar to the Reflex Credit Card registration process, you can pay for your Reflex Credit Card through the mobile app provided by Continental Finance.

Afterward, you can enter your credentials and navigate to the appropriate dashboard section after downloading the app from the app store or from Google Play.

The Reflex credit card offers you the possibility to recover or strengthen your credit history depending on your situation. The Reflex credit card connection allows you to manage your account, make payments and control everything related to your account.

Issued by Celtic Bank and provided by Continental Finance, the Online Account Access Card will help you improve your credit score by paying on time.