This is a credit card that can help those in financial difficulty find a way out of their predicament and get back on track. Note that this credit card, when it is first received, will have a fee attached to it that needs to be paid.


For customers of the Reflex MasterCard, their credentials can be obtained by logging on to the Reflex MasterCard website at https://reflexcardinfo/ or by visiting the official Reflex MasterCard website. It is possible for consumers to check the balance on their credit cards online, view their bank statements, and even make payments using the internet.

Benefits Of Reflex Card

  • Pre-qualifying for this card will NOT affect your credit score.
  • You can qualify even if your credit is not perfect.
  • Making your payments on time can improve your Reflex credit Card score by providing a good payment history to all three major credit reporting agencies.
  • 24/7 online access to your card and account transactions.
  • Satisfactory credit limit of $500.
  • This will help improve your credit score if used wisely and without temptation.
  • Reflex Mastercard submits monthly reports to three major credit reporting agencies to indirectly provide you with favorable marketing exposure.
  • Card Limit Increase – It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Yes, if you intend to increase your credit card limit, you can do so after one year. So, create a favorable situation for yourself while proving yourself worthy with wise financial measures.
  • It is possible to increase your credit limit if you demonstrate responsible use. In addition to a possible credit limit increase after six months, it is possible to qualify for a card with better features if you have a better credit rating.
  • The 14 months for 0% APR purchases and fund transfers are longer than most credit cards, which works well if you want to spend immediately and pay slowly.