Credit history and credit rating determine your initial credit limit with the Reflex Mastercard. Most new cardholders receive a line of credit between $300 and $1,000 when they activate their credit card account.


In addition to the annual fee, Reflex credit card charges a variable interest rate based on your credit rating. While rates typically range from 24.99% to 29.99%, your card rate varies by market and is based on the current base rate.

Detailed Structure About Fees

For the first year, the monthly fee with the card is waived but is activated after the second year. A monthly fee may be charged to your account along with your annual fee. These fees can become quite expensive when added to the annual fees.

The Cash Advance APR: This charge is usually higher than the interest rate on your new purchase and only applies to money you withdraw from your credit account via a cash advance. In the case of a cash advance, there are no grace periods, and interest is calculated from the moment the money is received.

Fee For Cash Advances: In addition to the cash advance APR, this card charges a fee of US$5 or 5% of the amount requested for cash advances, whichever is greater.

Late Payment Fee: This fee is charged to your credit account if you miss a payment or send a payment past the due date. The maximum late fee that can be charged is $41.00.

Refund Fee: If your bank declines your payment due to insufficient funds or other reasons, Reflex may charge you up to $41.00.

Foreign Transaction Fee: When you transact in a currency other than US Dollar, Reflex charges between 0% and 3% of the total transaction amount to convert the currency and make the payment.

A new additional card is subject to a fee, Should you require a new card for some reason, Reflex may charge you for issuing a new card to you.

Charges for Increasing Credit Limits: If you wish to increase the limit on your credit balance, Reflex may charge you a fee.